NSBE Scholarship Workshop Extravaganza

Hi! I’m Major (Retired) Nippy Betz, America’s #1 Scholarship Strategist! Please share this message with all the NSBE Jr. Regional POCs. I want them to disseminate this message to all their NSBE Jr. chapters. Over the last 14-years, I have been helping students get into college and many of them graduate debt-free OR with little debt! This message is my attempt to help your NSBE 7th graders thru college freshmen earn EVEN more money!

First, take 2 minutes and review my SLI Promotion Video below at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l9Tu7-yd6g

SLI Cover Slide Picture

Check out this 2-min clip, then learn more at www.majorbetz.com

The incredible program you see in the video above can be taught and mastered virtually to help your students exponentially win scholarships for college, whether they major in a STEM or not! Click the picture below and watch me make it rain cash on my audience! I sometimes make it rain on my webinars too!


Watch Major Betz Make It Rain! (17-seconds)

While I currently work with a couple of NSBE chapters around the country, I want to impact more than just one or two forward-thinking NSBE chapters whose POCs (i.e. Dr. Debra John in ABQ NM) are selfless when it comes to allowing me to help their members. I want to do a FREE scholarship webinar specifically for ALL NSBE members around America on April 4th at 7 pm CST. At the webinar, I want to teach them how 11-year olds have already earned over $60,000 in scholarships, 2 students won over $1,000,000, and how we helped other middle school students thru college freshmen garner over $40,000,000 for college! They can register for the FREE EVENT at:


After 4-years of trying to break the code when it comes to helping more NSBE students graduate college debt-free, I’m finally speaking at the upcoming NSBE Convention in Kansas City! Please let your members, both Pre-College and Collegiate, know that I’m speaking live at 3:45 pm on Friday (Mar 31st) in the Kansas City Convention Center. My workshop can be found at http://convention.nsbe.org/workshops/. Once on that page, go to the tab “Excel Academically – Academic Achievement”, and scroll down to the 3rd workshop. While it STILL doesn’t contain my name yet (I’m working to fix that), the title of the workshop is “Demystify the Scholarship Search – There is no Shortage of Scholarships”. It’s going to be amazing! You can see more details on the Agenda at http://convention.nsbe.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/NSBE-2017-Convention-Agenda-3-14.xlsx we are scheduled for Friday, 3:45 – 4:45). Come prepared to take notes and ask questions!

Workshop details

When: Friday, 3:45 – 4:45

Where: Kansas City Convention Center, Room 2504B

Speaker: Major Nippy Betz