Hey guys,

I want to inform you about two upcoming opportunities for both, those in the (1) local area and those (2) all over America! After reviewing our video by clicking here OR the picture below, pull out your calendar and make note of both so you can save some big money!


We are helping America’s students graduate college debt-free! Join our revolution today!

(1) Local Free Spring Break Scholarship Extravaganza and Live Bootcamps

FREE Spring Break Scholarship Extravaganza (Saturday)

18 Mar (9-11am)

We are holding a LIVE Scholarship seminar where we are giving away books and some of you will actually walk away with money! Register today at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/spring-break-scholarship-extravaganza-by-major-betz-come-get-a-free-book-tickets-32107743124 to reserve your seat(s) for this Saturday’s live event in downtown San Antonio at Geekdom! We will offer some huge discounts on our products this Saturday, so don’t miss it!

Ultimate Scholarship Bootcamps (Wed, Fri, Sat)

22, 24, & 25 Mar (time varies)

We also have 3 live Ultimate Scholarship Bootcamps scheduled for downtown San Antonio on the following dates:

22 Mar (6-9pm), Wednesday

24 Mar (6-9pm), Friday

25 Mar (9-12 noon), Saturday

We will provide special savings for these Bootcamps to those who attend the live FREE seminar on 18 Mar! Learn more or register for one of these LIVE Bootcamps at https://sli-scholarships.leadpages.co/ultimate-scholarship-bootcamp/ (after you enroll, you can lock in your date). Attending Saturday’s FREE seminar could save you some big $$$ off the $400 retail price, so make time to join us!


(2) Across America or can’t join us live

For those who can’t join us live on Saturday, but still want to know what SLI can do for you and your student, please review our updated SLI “scholarship search” product line and see if one of our programs are right for you and your family. The following video and pdf below will answer those questions:

– 16-min Product video description: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-B8wdzlli9Y&feature=youtu.be

– Product description: https://majorbetz.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/SLI-Program-Descriptions-no-prices.pdf

Because we know some of you can’t make it Saturday, if you are interested in one of our products, let us know, and we will also provide you the same deal we provide to those who attend our live event on Saturday! Learn more or register for our ONLINE Bootcamp at https://sli-scholarships.leadpages.co/ultimate-scholarship-bootcamp/

Check us out AGAIN, for the very first time!

Be blessed,

Major Betz