When: Saturday, DD Mon, Time (3 hours)

Where: Your Address

Host: Your Name / Phone: (210) 123-4567)

Price: $549 / $400

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Click the picture above to hear directly from attendees at one of our FEBRUARY Bootcamps! Then click here to learn details about this life-changing Scholarship Bootcamp! If you want to learn more about Major Betz and SLI, click this link to view an action-packed 2-min SLI Video Profile!

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Click the picture above to hear directly from Bootcamp Attendees! Seating will be limited on a first-come, first-served basis so reserve your seat ASAP! Then watch me make it rain cash on students by clicking HERE

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This Launchpad will be jam packed with great info. Click here to see the outline of what we will cover! Admission to this LIVE event includes “ONE TEEN & ONE PARENT” due to possible space limitations. The events will need 4 paid students at the Online Scholarship Bootcamp rate BEFORE the “Scholarship Launchpad” is confirmed! If the host has enough room to fit both parents with each enrolled student, we are okay with it. Every student in 7th grade and higher will need a ticket to attend so please ensure kids aren’t in listening range if they aren’t paid attendees.

If a parent wants a second sibling to attend, and there is enough room for the additional sibling, we will allow a 50% discount for the second sibling. Please let us know in advance and we will sell you a discounted family member seat! Use the Promo Code above if you have one and hit apply to get your discount! (Check out the following link to hear directly from Major Betz about this program:

  • Hands-on Training
  • Interaction w/others
  • Fun-filled environment
  • SLI note-taker of Bootcamp
  • Future FREE webinar training
  • Teen Masterclass Group
  • Scholarship list from SLI’s vault
  • Free copy of Major Betz’ books

What attendees will get?

  • 5 Steps of Scholarship Goal-Setting
  • 150 Rules/Laws of Paying for College
  • Actionable Scholarship Techniques and Tips teens can use immediately
  • Trained about the 10 Things You Gotta Know About Paying for College
  • Tips on finding local scholarships!
  • Demystify the FAFSA and learn key strategies to filling it out
  • SLI 4 S’ of Scholarship Search
  • Scholarship Search 101 deep dive
  • How to bundle scholarships applications
  • 10 College Entry/Scholarship Triage Tips
  • College Admission Tips and Strategies
  • Tips to navigate public, private, and junior college admissions/scholarships
  • Discovery of their purpose which may help them choose their college major
  • Group follow-up call with Major Betz after the workshop
  • …and so much more!!!

What’s Unique about SLI?

  • SLI helped 11-14 yr olds earn $60,000+
  • SLI helped 2 teens earn over $1,000,000
  • SLI helped 1000’s earn scholarships
  • SLI helped 100’s earn 6-figures
  • SLI helped 150+ students earn over-payments: they get paid to go to college!
  • SLI teaches proven strategies from 13-years of workshops all over America
  • SLI has hundreds of testimonials on MajorBetz’ life-changing training
  • SLI provides career-assessments
  • SLI covers effective communication
  • SLI teaches how to turn internship/ volunteering into possible $$$
  • Provides digital portfolio template
  • PSAT/ACT/SAT test-taking strategies
  • Provides essay-writing training
  • Teaches resume prep
  • Fun scholarship strategies for teens

SLI will help teens graduate debt-free and protect parents’ assets!

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