Note: Our pricing plans are available upon request. Just ask for them when you register on the Graduate Debt Free page! If you have questions about our program or our pricing plan, review the 2 videos below then schedule a one-on-one with Major Betz.

SLI College Prep Programs

To discuss more about what you get from these programs, contact Major Betz by filling out the form below.  Don’t assume you can’t afford it without talking to Major Betz!  View the videos above to learn more before we talk!

“IGNITION” MODULE (1 Sep – 31 May)

  • Non-refundable, downpayment (discounted if paid in full)
  • Payments made monthly via Autopay
  • Attendance at all 9 Virtual Webinars/Seminars (1 ½ hrs) by Major Betz via GoToMeeting (see info below for some of what you get for enrolling!)
  • Motivational Free Mentoring Conference calls from Major Betz and/or his team periodically
  • Virtual Masterclass membership
  • Downloadable Slide Presentations w/links
  • Personal one-on-one qtly coaching plus a monthly email query w/Major Betz and/or his team
  • FREE Monthly Team Q&A calls (Sep-Mar)
  • FREE Monthly Timeline Reviews (Sep-Mar)
  • There is an application process to be accepted into our scholarship bootcamp.
  • Access to Major Betz SLI library
  • Payments Option: Monthly payments accepted or discounted if paid in full; each payment is non-refundable once paid

“INVIGORATE” MODULE (1 Sep – 31 May) – Start Today!!!

  • Entitled to everything in the Ignition Program
  • One-on-one scholarship coaching session from Major Betz
  • Weekly or bi-Monthly calls with Major Betz and/or his team
  • Invaluable transcripts for your personal library
  • Monthly test/quizzes to measure material comprehension
  • Quarterly reports to parents on their teen’s progress
  • Weekly or bi-Monthly calls with Major Betz and/or his team
  • Only a limited # of students will be accepted to this program
  • Maj Betz & his team personally works with teens as if they were his own kids!
  • Accountability w/mentor(s) through the month (phone/email)
  • Help with Scholarship and College Essays
  • Will find scholarships for your teens to apply for
  • Entitled to all seminars/training nationwide (live & virtual)
  • FREE Access to Major Betz’s paid webinars
  • Payments Option: Monthly payments accepted or discounted if paid in full; each payment is non-refundable once paid
PRICE: Contact Major Betz for details on the prices and how to enroll.  It only takes a minute to fill out the web form below and someone will email you shortly with what to do next in order to receive more information about our Education Portal – If you enroll in our SLI Invigorate Program, you won’t have to pay for many other SLI services.  If ever you don’t see the value in the program you can stop your payments !  But a payment is non-refundable once it has been submitted.   


We now have a staff waiting to get back to you w/in 72 hours!  Please take a minute to fill out our webform below to test drive our proprietary “education portal”.  Although your access will be limited initially, take the time to review both our sites to see if our Scholarship Bootcamp program(s) are right for you and your teen.  As a free gift, enjoy our “5 Steps of Goal-Setting” booklet, as a way of learning the secret of how a teen and parents can succeed in their scholarship quest and life!

You will receive invites to select webinars/teleseminars and an email soon giving you an opportunity to speak with Major Betz personally, if you so desire.  Then you can determine if this program is right for you or your teen.  We have a big year ahead of us and we hope you will consider becoming a part of our brand new Scholarship Leadership Institute (SLI) family!

As a new subscriber to our community, you will continue to receive invaluable information monthly about our incredible Scholarship Success Program!  You can unsubscribe at any time at the bottom of any email you receive.  You will also get a chance to win free prizes (books, coaching sessions, etc.) and earn deep discounts on our ever-growing products and services!

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    S4A’s Future Webinars and Course Content Includes:

    (Note: This is not all of the material we will cover throughout the year…just a sampling!)

    1. Parents Scholarship/College 101 (for parents of 7th through 12th graders and beyond)
    2. College/Scholarship Triage for Seniors/Juniors
    3. Scholarship 4 All Opportunity Webinars
    4. Leadership 101
    5. 5 Steps of Decision-Making
    6. The Economic Why
    7. Succeeding without a degree
    8. Finding a good scholarship coach and a crew
    9. Finding scholarships, an art AND a science
    10. Find your purpose then select your major
    11. Trials, Test, Victory, Testimony, & Ministry (TTVTM)
    12. Find your voice and create a movement
    13. Financial Literacy
    14. Creating an Electronic Portfolio
      1. Prepping for the ACT/SAT
      2. Essay Writing 101
      3. Interview Skills 101
      4. Private, Public, and Junior Colleges
      5. Military Service and your degree
      6. In-State vs Out-of-State
      7. What Would You Do, If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?
      8. College Professors Interviews
      9. Counselor Interviews
      10. EP21 Alumni Interviews
      11. Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 101
      12. The Admissions Process
      13. Volunteering/Internship Programs
      14. etc.

    Summer Virtual Workshops for groups and one-on-one (available upon request)

      1. Parents (2 hours)
      2. Teens (2 hours)
      3. Teacher/Counselors (2 hours)
      4. Leadership Workshop (2 weeks)

    Keynote Speaker for Multiple Groups

      1. Churches
      2. Social Groups
      3. Companies
      4. Corporations
      5. Conventions
      6. Graduations
      7. etc.