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What is ScholarshipTV?

ScholarshipTV is our proprietary monthly training that is the core of our specialized monthly SLI training! But What Exactly is the Scholarship Leadership Institute(SLI) ®? SLI ® consists of online and live self-study training and a membership program that shows you step-by-step how to get into and pay for college. It can help whether your student is a 7th grader or a student already in college (note: College students or advanced 11th & 12th graders should consider the 12-month 1-on-1 Plus! Learn more via the online training page accessible via the blue button at the bottom of this page). The course includes live proprietary ScholarshipTV monthly Q&A calls, timeline reviews, e-books, great websites, Facebook community, ongoing valuable monthly training, feedback, other resources and LIVE support by Major Betz (Air Force Retired).

Major Betz’ 7-mim TEDx Talk on “How to Graduate College, Debt-Free”

Published on Nov 15, 2016

Nippy Betz refers to student loan debt as “the enemy,” and proceeds to explain to the audience how they (or their children) can “fish” for the scholarships they need to go to college debt-free. As he makes clear, before he goes fishing, he does some research — about what the fish are biting, etc. Kids need to do the same. Betz then moves on to identify the 3 common types of scholarship: functional (having to do with their major), institutional, and general. Critical, he says, is the number of scholarships applied to! 20 is NOT enough! Try for 100-200!

Major Nippy Betz, owns a scholarship company (The Scholarship Leadership Institute – SLI) that offers seminars, courses, and private coaching to help teens graduate from college debt-free. SLI’s “ScholarshipTV” monthly Q&A sessions are game-changers! He is a Keynote Speaker, TV Personality, Author, and Scholarship Coach known as the Moses of Education! This former Air Force Commander turned Master Scholarship & Leadership Instructor, helps provide scholarship acquisition, workshops, coaching and leadership training for teenagers, college students, their parents, counselors, AAU teams, churches, and businesses! He personally mentors motivated students, all over America, using his proprietary scholarship success system. His success-proven webinar workshops are held monthly in the comfort of their own home, during the school year. His ultimate mission is to raise leaders and eliminate debt for college graduates!

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Click here or the image to the right: https://youtu.be/zXzjLM-P2Os

Nippy’s Interview w/Bridget Smith on KENS 5 (CBS) Good Day SA

Enjoy this 6-min interview as Nippy and Bridget discuss the Nippy’s book and his non-profit EP21. Nippy Betz is the President and founder of the web-based Scholarship Leadership Institute and the founder and director of EmPowerment 21 (EP21). He is also an author of the book, “What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail”. Nippy’s edutainment format is entertaining and educational, while giving everyone in the audience something to think about. Although only 6 min long, this video is packed with information to give the listener a good feeling about this dynamic speaker/motivator as he briefly discusses his awesome EP21 program and his book! While he no longer does the monthly EP21 workshops, you can still catch him somewhere in America changing lives in his Ultimate Scholarship Bootcamps! Many of the videos that use to be posted here are now included in his new low-cost monthly membership program. But check out the videos below and learn more about Nippy Betz and the organization that led to the creation of the incomparable Scholarship Leadership Institute!

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