Frequently Asked Questions

• Will Nippy actually work with my teens?  Yes.  There will be others working with Nippy to help the teens reach their dreams and goals.

• Is My Credit Card Safe?  Yes.  We use s/w that won’t allow us to see your full credit card #, so know that your info won’t be disclosed by my team.

• Do You Offer Refunds? No. Unless we make a billing error we don’t do refunds because we don’t enable quitting on something this important

• Can I Cancel Anytime? Yes.  When/if you decide to cancel, just call us or send us an email.  We will cancel your account on the day you notify us.

• When Will I Be Billed?  Immediately for your initial payment.  Then we will bill you monthly if you are on a payment plan. Also remember that you can always cancel your membership and stop future payments.

• Can you guarantee a teen will earn scholarships?  No.  But our success is well documented.  Nobody will work harder to help your teen earn $ than the Scholarship Leadership Institute!