SLI Scholarship Bootcamp (FREE)
19:00 to 20:30

Major Nippy Betz CasualWe are conducting a FREE nationwide webinar to introduce our new Scholarship Bootcamp! With lower prices and more products, you will be amazed at the evolution of our scholarship program. Be prepared to ask questions as this will be an interactive discussion where you can speak directly with Major Betz! To lock in your seat for this event, make sure you are registerd on the website www.majorbetz.com. If you are by Monday, he will send you an invite by Monday night. If you don’t recieve your invite, please call him first thing Tuesday morning to ensure your spot! Don’t wait until the last minute b/c he will only accomodate those who registered. Late registrants may not have a seat, if Major Betz only reserved a certain amount. So don’t be late!!!