I’ve been asked why I changed my website from Scholarships 4 All to Major Betz

The reason, quite simply, is that I wanted to change my focus. When I’m out there talking about scholarships, it’s with a totally different focus than when I’m talking about leadership. It’s different.

It’s different because I’m talking about families fighting a war against the enemy of debt.

Debt is taking over so many families in America that it frustrates me to no end. I’ve been helping families fight this battle for the last decade. I’ve been trying to help kids understand they can graduate from college debt-free.

But it goes beyond that. I want them to understand they don’t have to follow the patterns of their parents or their grandparents. They don’t have to get into debt to live that American dream. They don’t have to impress people they don’t like with money they don’t have.

We can’t do that anymore. 

Kids, what I want you to know is this: debt is the enemy. I’m trying to be that same commander I was in the Air Force. But now I’m trying command a group of kids – a group of future leaders. I’m commanding kids who understand what it takes to get into college and pay for it through essay writing, ACT/SAT scores, good grades, and searching for scholarships.

And while those things are important, it’s also important to graduate debt-free so you can be the leader that God intended you to be. You can be the person you’re supposed to be because you’re not worried about the enemy having control of you. You’re not worried about the enemy having so much say in your life that you can’t do the things you’re purposed to do, that God put in you before He ever created you!

So I need you to understand that this is so much BIGGER than scholarships. It’s bigger than your getting into college and paying for it.

What I’ve been about all of my life, and what I will continue to be about, is helping people remain debt-free, helping people get control of their lives so they can go do the things they’re called to do because they don’t have the restrictions of debt. 

So are we at war? You bet. I’m not trying to get kids in the military, but you bet I’m trying to get kids to understand that we are at war. I’m trying to get mom and dad to understand that we are at war.

I want you to understand I’m looking for you. You know how Uncle Sam wants you? Well, Major Betz wants you. I want to help you get out of debt. Whether you’re in one of my programs or not is not the issue. I want you to take control of your life and get out of debt – and then stay out of debt. And if you can avoid getting into it in the first place, even better!

Until next time, take care and God bless.

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