Monthly Leadership Lessons from the Bible

We hope you enjoy access to our FREE bible study focused on the Leadership Principles found in the bible. The bible is full of great lessons, no matter what faith you believe in. Because of Matt 28:18-20, this is easily the most important thing I teach to students and their parents, so I hope you check us out every month for our 5-7 min journey through the bible. We will try to always make it applicable to students and the issues they may face, but adults will also learn, so check us out and enjoy! If you want to be reminded about our future bible study lessons, simply take 30-seconds and register below at the bottom of this page! Remember to pray before you review our bible study lessons and afterwards.


Leaders are Tested (even as students) – What are you willing to give up

or do for God? Scripture: Genesis 22:1-19

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Trials to Ministry (TTVTM) – Your trials become your test, your test become your victory, your victory becomes your testimony, and your testimony becomes your ministry! (5-min)

Other Audio Bible Study Lessons

Major Betz’ 10-min bible study helping leaders understand the power of story-telling!

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Leaders should persevere? Check out his 9-min bible study for Christian leaders! Scripture – Rom 5:3

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Leaders should know how to pray? Check out his 9-min bible study for Christian leaders!

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