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SLI Monthly Scholarship Membership: Learn HOW and WHAT to do from America’s #1 Scholarship Strategist. He teaches students how to earn 6-figures for college in a “Do It Yourself” online curriculum w/live “ScholarshipTV®” Q&A classes by Major Betz (Designed for Advanced 7th graders thru college undergraduate students whose parents have the time to help them stay focused)

1-on-1 Plus Coaching Program: Get Major Betz to personally help you (Major Betz conducts his 1-hour intimate 1-on-1 sessions plus adds you to his monthly class for 12-months) enhance your chance to win 6- or 7-figures for college! “Done For/With You” (Designed for 7th graders thru college advance degree students) (NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE FORMER 1-on-1 PREP COURSE)

– College Prep Quickstart: (CURRENTLY UNDERGOING A COURSE REVISION – NOT TAKING NEW STUDENTS) Teaches WHAT you need to do to prepare for college and become more competitive for scholarships (Designed for 7th – 11th grade; 12th graders can still benefit from this program) (Note: This course is less focused on scholarships and more focused on college-prep!)

Ultimate Scholarship Bootcamp : (CURRENTLY UNDERGOING A COURSE REVISION – NOT TAKING NEW STUDENTS) Learn HOW and WHAT to do from America’s #1 Scholarship Strategist in a 3-hr online course with a 2-hr live event online OR in your city! (Designed for 7th – 12th graders; College students can still benefit from the scholarship search portions of this course)

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There are rules to searching for scholarships! We teach these rules and so much more in our three premier coaching programs! Our brand new 1-on-1 PLUS (replaced our former PREP) coaching program that truly changed lives by helping some teens earn 6- and 7-figures! We even have 11-yr olds who have earned $60,000 in scholarships! Our SLI Monthly Scholarship Membership is a game-changer! Major Betz has uberized his 1-on-1 PREP coaching program for families who don’t specifically need the 1-on-1 help from Major Betz, his counselors or SLI’s essay reviewers! This year we combined our former “College-Prep Quickstart Program” (designed with Middle School students in mind) into our Monthly Membership. Remember, when making an investment into an SLI Coaching Program it is best to know your expected Return on Investment (ROI) in order to determine if our programs are worth the investment! Our “3-hr Ultimate Scholarship Bootcamp” (undergoing a course reconstruction so it can include financial literacty and career/profession advice in Fall 2020) has been great for those who just want info they can start using immediately! It is an immersion of all the things your student needs to know and do to begin earning scholarships! But if you don’t know where to start, I highly recommend the Monthly Membership! The Membership is easy to do live all over America and is cost-effective! If you are a HS Senior or College Student, you should consider our brand new 1-on-1 PLUS (replaced our former PREP) coaching program OR the 3-yr version of the Membership! We are going to have you fill out an SLI Needs Assessment that will help us identify your teen. But the chart below can help you make a guesstimate as to whether your student is one, or a combination, of the following SLI scholarship Avatars before you look into enrolling them into one of the 3 Primary SLI Programs or into one of our less intense programs. Make sure you check out our SLI Program videos (we are currently updating those videos so please be patient with us) to get all your questions answered about the coaching programs. The cost of our programs, including new 0% PayPal payment plans, is more affordable than ever before so check out our life-changing courses!

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(Which Avatar is your teen?)

(Note: HS Seniors and College Students should really consider either the 1-on-1 Plus or the 3-yr Membership! Advanced 11th graders should also consider these options. The month-to-month option may not be a quick-enough pace for what they need to win $ quickly)

Wanderer Symptom – A wanderer is a teen who may be a little immature for their age and don’t really have the focus of go-getter teens in their age group. Some could even call them apathetic when it comes to preparing for college. They don’t seem motivated and parents have to stay on them to make them see how important their education is to their future. SLI will help the wanderer gain better focus on the opportunity and not the obstacles they face, so they can begin the process of being ready to apply for and acquire scholarships. Many of them will find a cure in our comprehensive SLI Monthly Scholarship Membership. If they are younger, the monthly subscription program might be their best prescription until they are ready for the work required in our other coaching programs!
Scrambler Symptom – A scrambler is a teen who does understand the importance of preparing for college and is willing to do the work, but they are all over the place! They usually are behind the scholarship search curve and are trying to make up for not doing the basics we focus on in our coaching programs. They also tend to be very busy, so we have to help them get focused before we convert them to High-Achievers and Earners! SLI prescribes the SLI Monthly Scholarship Membership if they are able to follow instructions and get focused with the right guidance! If they are younger, the monthly subscription program might be their best prescription. However, if they are EXTREMELY coachable 11th graders or higher AND willing to put in massive work we would consider prescribing the  1-on-1 Plus or the 3-yr Membership!
High-Achievers Symptom – High-Achievers are teens that are actively involved in youth groups, competitive athletics, extra-curricula activity, etc., or a combination of them. They can also be scramblers due to their hectic schedules, but they are very coachable. We often have to convince them to prioritize the big rocks in their life in order to make time for scholarship search. BUT when they get focused, LOOK OUT! They can then become the SLI earners that have the ability to make 7-figures in scholarships! While we believe they will benefit from our comprehensive SLI Monthly Scholarship Membership, if they had the funding, we would DEFINITELY prescribe the  1-on-1 Plus or the 3-yr Membership! The family and student would really have to understand the concept of Return of Investment (ROI). If they really want 6-7 figures, they will benefit from enrolling in one of our programs ASAP!
Earner Symptom – The earner is the teen who has already begun the process of “applying for and acquiring scholarships.” They now need help multiplying their successful mindset and practices so they can continue to focus on the opportunity and not the obstacles of scholarship search! The earner should acquire meaningful scholarships if they do what we teach in the SLI program. Our goal is to have every teen in our program become high-achievers and earners, however that isn’t realistic. Some will slip through the cracks, but that will depend on the partnership between, SLI, the parent, and the teen! We believe they would easily benefit from SLI’s 3-hour Ultimate Scholarship Bootcamp or our comprehensive SLI Monthly Scholarship Membership. However, we would HIGHLY prescribe the 1-on-1 Plus or the 3-yr Membership Coaching program, which is designed for those with the High Achieving and Earner symptoms! The family and student would really have to understand the concept of Return of Investment (ROI). If they really want 6-7 figures, they will benefit from enrolling in our SLI Monthly Scholarship Membership or 1-on-1 Plus ASAP!


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Who You Are? 

You are the parent of a middle school student who is in need of guidance when it comes to preparing for college and best positioning themselves for scholarships. We have two GREAT programs for Middle School students. Our SLI Monthly Membership (formerly known as the Scholarship Academy) program will be perfect for the majority of them, with their parent’s encouragement! Click here to learn more about the Monthly Scholarship Membership program!)

But if they are READY TO AGGRESSIVELY APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS the 1-on-1 Plus may be the course you want them enrolled in! It is a combination of 1-yr in the Monthly Membership included with a 1-hr 1-on-1 session with Major Betz himself! Click here to get started in the 1-on-1 Plus Course!

What would it be worth to have America’s #1 college strategist teaching your students what they need to do and how to graduate college debt-free, starting as early as 6th grade? Major Betz has helped teens earn millions of $$$’s for college. Now he has created a short course that includes everything you need to prep your student AND help them pay for college!

1. Short e-books and/or master class recordings of Major Betz’ 100+ rules to graduating college debt-free
2. Tips to help college students prepare for and succeed in college
3. Strategies to help 7th graders thru college students earn $$$
4. Timeline review of what HS students should be doing each and every month (w/commentary)
5. Access to premier Facebook Group
6. Additional Video/Audio tips

The Ultimate Scholarship Bootcamp (undergoing reconstruction) was specially designed for 7th – 12th grade students who NEED help prepping for college, but aren’t ready OR able to enroll in the full-paid 3-year (or monthly) SLI Monthly Membership service. They also usually aren’t ready yet for the more aggressive 1-on-1 Plus Coaching Program. College students would still benefit mostly from the 1-on-1 Plus Coaching Program. or the 3-Year Monthly Membership. The College Prep QuickStart was designed to help students best position themselves to get into college and be more competitive when it comes to earning scholarships later on. All 4 programs are amazing! Your student’s maturity level should drive your decision-making when it comes to selecting a course. Remember, our PayPal 0% Interest offer is for 6-months, if the product cost is $99 or higher, so you truly can start with $0 today!

Why let Major Betz be your mentor?

There are rules to paying for college. Unfortunately too many families are clueless and don’t know what to do to help their deserving students get into and pay for college. At SLI, we have helped 1,000’s earn scholarships, over 150 earn overpayments, 2 earn over $1,000,000, and one 11-year old earn well over $60,000. Why did we create this SLI Monthly Scholarship Membership? To help those who can’t afford the concierge services provided in our 3-year Monthly Membership or the new 1-on-1 Plus coaching program. If these 2 courses are more in-depth and immersive than you need right now, we encourage you to AT LEAST join our SLI Monthly Membership Course, especially for those who can follow directions on “WHAT TO DO” and “HOW TO DO IT”. It was designed for 7th thru 12th graders who are not earners yet, but 12-graders early in the school year can truly benefit from this program too!

Our Philosophy

We are REALLY good at what we do! We have helped teens earn over $40,000,000, but that doesn’t matter. If we can find teachable parents who are willing to do what we teach, they can earn scholarships! If they do it effectively, they can earn a full-ride! We are sick and tired of having students show up in the Spring of their Senior Year or as College students looking for our help. They need to start earlier to enhance their chances of winning meaningful scholarships. While the Monthly Membership and/or Bootcamp will help students get on track, aggressive 11th graders and up may need more. SLI’s 1-on-1 Plus coaching program is where students experience the most success, followed by the SLI Monthly Scholarship Membership! But remember, our programs can both help anyone from 7th grade through college students better prepare for college. Don’t sit by and do nothing! Winter is coming! 

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Who You Are?

You are parents of a HS student who probably doesn’t always listen to you, but they are coachable. You either don’t need or can’t afford our 1-on-1 Prep coaching program. All you need is guidance on what to do to start applying for and winning scholarships. If you had that information, you and your teen could work