When I’m traveling around the country and I help kids understand the value of getting scholarships and the necessary work behind it, I’ve come to realize there are two types of people.

There are the Apathetic Team and the Go-Get-It Team. 

The Apathetic Team says, “Mom and Dad will take care of this. I don’t have to worry about it. I can just get loans. I can take care of these college expenses. I’ll do that so I don’t need to really worry about this stuff. I’ll pay off my student loans once I get a job.”  That’s the apathetic kid.

That’s not why I’m out there, though. That’s not who I’m sent to help. That’s not who I’m talking to when I help kids get into college and pay for it.

The apathetic kid has made their bed, just like the apathetic parents who have made up their minds that they can’t do something. They make up their minds that it’s not worth the effort to get something done. 

I’m not looking for those kids. That’s not why I was sent out there, and that’s not my calling.

I was sent out there was to look for the go-get-it kids.

The go-get-it kids are the kids who know there’s more to life than being in debt, than just waiting for mom and dad to take care of everything. There’s more to life than looking for a hand-out.

Those kids are willing to put in the work necessary to fund their own education. They’re willing to put in the work to get all the overpayments they can get by getting more scholarships than they need.

I’m out on a journey right now. I’m on a mission trying to talk to those go-get-it kids, the young “go-getters” of today.

I’m not looking for the apathetic kids. I’m looking for the kids who want to go get it. Regardless of whether I’m speaking in a library or in a church or on a street corner, I want to find them. It’s not about me getting paid or anything. It’s just about getting that message out.

I feel like I’m a king. I always tell my wife I feel like I’m a king, and my kingdom is education. And what I’m doing is looking for kids who want to be a part of my kingdom. I want them to get into college and to pay for it.

Are you one of those kids who are not apathetic? Are you one of those parents who are not apathetic and you want your kids to be involved in something bigger than themselves? Do you want them to be the leaders they were intended to be without being in debt? Then i’m the guy who can help you.

Keep reading this blog and keep doing some of the stuff you see on the website so you can then help those kids do what I need.

We need kids who are go-getters, who are willing to put in the work so they can go get those scholarships and show the next generation that you don’t have to be in debt and you don’t have to worry about getting somebody else to pay for your education. You can take care of that yourself. 

Until next time, take care and God bless!