Upcoming SLI Events

We have an incredible calendar of Events coming in 2017, ESPECIALLY this SUMMER for 7th graders thru college sophomores! So stay tuned by visiting us weekly to see what’s next AND DON’T MISS THE FREE SCHOLARSHIP WEBINAR on May 25th at 7pm! Take a few minutes to review the events below as they change weekly! Don’t see your city?


Simply ask me to visit your city by clicking here! A book I read says you have not, because you ask not…:-) I have done intimate Scholarship Launchpads in homes all over America with families and their friends. Bring me to your home too!

Details of Upcoming SLI Events


Want a chance to win a Kindle Fire? Register for our SLI SUMMER SCHOLARSHIP EXTRVAGANZA Q&A Session by Major Betz – Invite others!

The webinar is on May 25, 2017 from 7:00 –  8:00 PM CDT. Register below then keep reading about this event! We will be unveiling Summer programs for your students, so register even if you can’t make it to the live webinar!

Until then, check out this 2-min video to learn more before joining the webinar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2l9Tu7-yd6gTHEN Click Here to Watch Major Betz Make it Rain Cash! (60 sec)

Register for Live or Webinar Replay

This FREE Webinar is going to be used to show families how 11-year olds have already earned over $60,000 in scholarships, 2 students won over $1,000,000, and how we helped others (middle school students thru college freshmen) garner over $40,000,000 for college!

Students (7th grade thru college freshmen) and parents will leave the webinar inspired AND with a better understanding about options they have to help their families reach their educational goals. During the Q&A, we will answer questions (if any) about our online OR live Ultimate Scholarship Bootcamps, our Scholarship Academy, or our 1-on-1 PREP coaching programs! Feel free to invite people you know to attend this FREE webinar (i.e. athletes, youth group members, church teens, military dependents, etc.)!

They should attend if they want to learn how to:

1. Middle & High School teens can pay for college in advance
2. College Students can still earn big $$$ for college
3. Types of scholarships all students should fight to win!

As we teach you what it will take to prepare your 7th-grader through college student how to earn 6-figure, some of you may go out and win $1,000,000 like a family did from one session with us. But some of you will want/need more information from SLI. For those who do, prepare to be amazed at the newly available options (great prices) teens can learn from SLI, like NEVER BEFORE!

Prepare to be amazed!

Major Nippy Betz

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.



Register for one of our events above today OR check out details on our product page so you can learn more about what students will learn at our Webinars/Seminars, Bootcamps, Academy, etc.!!!

Our nationwide Scholarship Extravaganza on May 25th will send students on a Summer journey that can change their lives! However, our biggest live events on the horizon are the Ultimate Scholarship Bootcamps held at 110 East Houston Street, San Antonio Tx. We are excited about students from all over Texas joining us for a 3-hour intimate session that could change their lives on 9, 12, and 13 May! Please print out the flyer and share with your youth, congregation, parents, organization, etc. This event can save families 6-figures, so don’t keep it to yourself! Prepare to be amazed! Wanna learn more about our Scholarship Bootcamps? Click the video image below to check out the KENS 5 interview as we talk about prior workshop successes put on by Major Betz in past years!


Then make plans to join us!


Major Betz

(Note: Also check out my TEDx talk “How to Graduate College Debt-Free” at: https://youtu.be/zXzjLM-P2Os)




What Attendees will get?

  • 5 Steps of Scholarship Goal-Setting
  • 150 Rules/Laws of Paying for College
  • Actionable Scholarship Techniques and Tips teens can use immediately
  • Trained about the 10 Things You Gotta Know About Paying for College
  • Tips on finding a ton of scholarships!
  • Demystify the FAFSA and learn key strategies to filling it out
  • SLI 4 S’ of Scholarship Search
  • Scholarship Search 101 deep dive
  • How to bundle scholarships applications
  • 10 College Entry/Scholarship Triage Tips
  • College Admission Tips and Strategies
  • Tips to navigate public, private, and junior college admissions/scholarships
  • Discovery of their purpose which may help them choose their college major
  • Group follow-up call with Major Betz after the workshop and so much more!!!

Reserve your seat TODAY at: www.majorbetz.com/products